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Well come to Student Education Testing Service (SETS)

SETS is founded in 2022 to enhance and purify the testing, recruitment and educational services in Pakistan. We believe that education is the movement from darkness to light and change is the end result of all true learning. We have satisfied our many clients and customers by providing our services like Project Management, Operations Management, Data Management, Data Screening and Test Conduction. We deliver reliable, transparent, equity, fairness and purified services that make us unique in the coordination with organizations and institutions for the betterment of testing and educational system.

About Us

At Student Education Testing Services (SETS), we are an employment and academic testing service, dealing with university students and job applicants, holding tests online and offline. We are an independent educational/employment testing service who arranged nationwide examinations for student of higher education, scholarships, and candidates for employment, helping employers choose the right staff for the jobs and universities to choose better students to enroll, we have helped both private and public sectors to fulfill their employment needs, we have professionals from respected educational institutions who prepare the tailored questionnaire as per employer needs, interview to get the right candidates for your specific needs at no cost to you. Our department heads are the pioneers of 3rd party testing services in Pakistan with combined experience of over 35 years. For all kinds of job-related assessments or academics tests contact us.

Company Overview

It is a known fact that the success of an employer and a company as a whole depends largely on the quality and reliability of its employees. This is the reason why employers must invest time and even money in the recruitment and interview process. Doing so would ensure that only the best possible candidate will be considered for a particular job. When it comes to a screening for potential employees, no other tool does it better than employment tests. These tests can measure what is called the KSA - knowledge, skills and abilities of the job candidates. At SETS, our employment tests are generally offline and online tests, which include interviews, personality tests, skill tests, psychological tests, performance tests and so on. A hiring process that is poorly designed is much like a recruitment process based on flipping a coin. Employers are well aware that the impact of inefficient recruitment decisions can have costly and detrimental outcomes, which may include expensive training costs, decrease in overall productivity, increase in employee replacement, and increase legal exposure. Benefits of assessment tests ensure that your company is making better hiring decisions. It can determine whether or not an employee can meet your criterion for maintaining high productivity. Consequently, pre-employment tests can reduce expensive and time-consuming recruitment steps by straightforwardly narrowing down the choices that will include only candidates who are the best fit for the job. Because job fitting is greatly improved, this scenario can also increase the chances of retaining your employees for far longer periods of time. Furthermore, a well-developed pre-employment testing program can present a professional and positive image for your company and will decrease the risk of hearing complaints.

It would be a shameful waste of time, effort, and even money to prepare for the responsibilities and challenges of a new job, yet find out later on that one is not capable of performing the tasks on hand and is bound for failure. The benefits of pre-employment testing are endless. Designing, testing tools take time and experience. If these two are something your company does not have, you can easily find pre-employment testing service company. At SETS, we have a carefully well-developed testing program that best meets your exact needs with a competitive advantage. Our pre-employment tests allow employers to make the best hiring decisions and will consequently improve your business revenue, productivity, and overall business outcomes.

At SETS, we also carry out academic testing service by dealing with university students by holding tests online and offline. If you are preparing for any kind of exam or test. No matter what the subject or course you study, there are online tests available in your respective field. At SETS, we give you the benefits of preparing yourself through our services by offering career/academic test. Our test is cost effective and effective way to study, covers numerous fields of study, convenient and easily accessible, and helps you find problem areas. When you take SETS online or offline tests, you will be able to identify your weak spots this will help you figure out where you need to work harder to improve your grade. If you just study without preparing yourself with our testing service, then you will never know whether your brain has retained the study material properly or not. Online tests are very beneficial for those who want to do well in their respective careers or academic studies. So be sure to reach out to us at Student Education Testing Services (SETS) for professional online employment and academic testing service.

Legal Framwork

Student Education Testing Services Private Limited (SETS) is working as a Company Limited by Shares - having a share capital under Companies Ordinance Act 2017 (VI of 2017) , regulated by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

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